If you're into multimedia, here's a couple of sites to check out...

Podcasting. Is. So. Cool.

The first is oilcast.com (which kindly mentions The Oil Drum in their latest podcast #8...thanks!). Oilcast.com puts together a newscast of oil and energy related news. Good stuff.

The second is Fatherof4's webjay playlist and a concurrent list in the third panel down on the left hand side at Flying Talking Donkey.

Seriously, if you have an iPod, this is the kind of educational stuff you can download and listen to while you're working. At least that's what works for me.

If anyone else knows of any other energy related podcasting sites or archives, put 'em in the comment box, will you?

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Thanks for the mention (again!). I am glad someone else can benefit from my apparent obsessive compulsive disorder!