I can't decide if these three months seem more like three days or three years...

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday, Dear Oil Drum Community. Happy Freaking Birthday to you.

Yes, that's right. TOD is three months old. On March 22, 2005, HO and I started this bad boy. Then, of course, Ianqui saw that the pay and benefit package was so good that she begged to join us (so not true).

I treasure my TOD colleagues and this community so much; people think hard here beyond their normal work-a-day lives to keep this blog interesting and it is appreciated. I hope you all find this as rewarding as I do.

I have to be candid, this thing has grown well beyond our expectations (I attribute this to Heading Out's wisdom and now Ianqui's insight...).

After three months, we're averaging around 1400 visits and about 2300 page views a day. That is very gratifying, if not downright humbling.

Most importantly, however, we would not be able to have a successful and unique community like this without your ideas, participation and insight.

I am sure that I speak for all of us, myself, HO, and Ianqui when I say "thank you."

We would also like to thank the peak oil community, namely peakoil.com, The Energy Bulletin, Flying Talking Donkey, and the many other friends of TOD in peak oil blogistan. This community is trying to do good work in a very tough world. May we continue to fight the good fight and do it together.

I personally have learned so much from all of you in this brief time, and I look forward to learning oh so much more with you in the months to come while we still have a functional electrical grid. *snicker*

No, seriously, this whole project was created to be a realm of ideas. The tone of the discussion may be passionate, the ideas may be controversial, if not conspiratorial, at times; but I am amazed that we do such a nice job here of making claims and using/finding empirical evidence to back them up.

We can disagree, but I hope that we can continue to do so respectfully and in a fun and entertaining sort of way that everyone can learn from. That is the essence of scholarly debate. Evidence, logic, and caring passion are the keys to persuasion and action, and I hope it will stay that way.

No matter what the future holds, I hope you'll always be able to find information and be inspired to action, whether it's by us or someone else, on this most important of topics.

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Happy birthday to you guys! Keep doing a great job and writing interesting posts, and I'll keep linking them from Treehugger!

Your comments community is one of the cleaner ones on the net. No profanity and name calling. Good insights and links to other articles. Keep it up. Happy Q1.

I've really appreciated this community for being such a good place to learn about this complex issue. Thanks to everyone for making it so good.

It has definitely been fun....and it is surely nice to talk with others who are at least cognizant of what is happening...

Blog on!

Why isn't the crude oil price chart in the right sidebar working?

Roy, see:


The July contracts terminated on June 21.
August was down, -1.79 to 58.09.
(Probably because there was no strike in Norway's oil fields)

Congratulations TOD and thank you to the sustainability blogosphere for the education and support! You have changed my life and I'm sure the lives of many others. We may be out there but at least we aren't alone.

Keep blogging this way, you are doing a brilliant job on the peak oil issue.