Guest Hosting and Posting...

The staff of the Oil Drum will be guest posting over at Ezra Klein's place all week this week. We'll still be posting here too.

Some new stuff, some old stuff...mostly introductory posts on the topic of PO, etc. I have my first post up right now, directing folks to primers and such. If you have any suggestions for things I should post over there (remember, this is a new set of people that may or may not have heard about peak oil...), let me know in the comments below.

Also, feel free to go over there and hit the comment boxes a little bit. It wouldn't hurt to show the flag a little or help people understand.

(edited to add: there's a great piece by Stephen Gloor over at his blog today. Go check it out...and this is a simple piece to show your friends that "PO is not a greenie conspiracy..."

There's also a great piece over on Brad Setser's blog as well about why oil is where it is...worth a read. (hat tip on both goes to FTD

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