Gas Prices Don't Affect All Pumps

Gas Pumps
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Little bit of late afternoon levity. This billboard is on the West Side Highway, nearly at the George Washington Bridge. When high fashion gets a hold of high oil prices, you know we're done for...

(Sorry for the pole in the middle of the billboard--it's hard to take a photo from a car!)

ianqui - driving in a car?!?!

Yeah, yeah...It's our dirty little secret. We own a car. In NYC! We had it before we moved here and decided to see if we wanted to keep it or not. But don't worry, after the summer we're going to get rid of it.Though we always suspected it, we finally did the math and confirmed that it would be cheaper to rent a car a few times a year if we want instead of garaging it like we do.

Still, if one has to own a car, at least it's a 1994 Honda Civic 2-door hatchback that gets 35+ mpg...

well, that makes me feel better - 2000 Saab 9.3 - 25+mpg - I'm outside city lots, and the math worked out reversed for me - does make me feel guilty, and when life allows, bye bye - I unguilt myself to a certain extent by remembering that in L.A. we had two cars (one an SUV), and couldn't walk anywhere to do anything - now that's an energy-wasting lifestyle...

and how many people live in LA...? :(

Nice article at Culture Change A scenario for a sustainable future from a petroleum-industry analyst

Another article by Kunstler Lahar Rules

The east coast is a steambath, the Dow Jones is tanking, oil has crossed the $60 barrier, and Don Rumsfeld says the Iraq insurgency could run for twelve years.
Taking these things in reverse order -- why twelve years? Why not forever? Actually, twelve years might as well be forever. What Rummy seems to be saying to the US public is: better be prepared to keep Fort Apache going indefinitely. The part he left out was. . . "if you want to keep making that eighty-mile round trip commute from Cherokee County to Peachtree Street."
Even that simple equation assumes a lot. For instance, that Mr. Suburban Atlanta Commuter will still have that job in the office tower on Peachtree. Or that he can continue to make a monthly payment of $3200 on a 4000-square-foot house in Hickory Flat. Or that the Fox TV News fans will maintain their enthusiasm for a war of attrition lacking in cineplex quality battles, while their property taxes are being jacked out of sight to cover the rising cost of maintaining senior parking privileges in the centralized school districts.

Hey, I live in LA and drive 70 miles each way to work three times a week! Aug. 1 I am powering down and leavng the big research job for a sweet teaching job only ten miles away, where I plan to teach sustainability ( or not) in human communities whether the students want to hear it or not (mostly they do)

In the words of my friend Dave (not the poster to this group_ LA's F*'ed