Open commenting thread for the weekend...

First, a welcome to new readers linked here from Washington Monthly, the Energy Bulletin, and up a comment box and have a good time.

As noted in the last post, both HO and I leave today to embark on holiday travels...however, I wanted to leave an open comment thread for you all to post the weekend news and discuss it if you wished.

(Both HO and I will be on and off over the course of the weekend (I think...), but I will only be on dialup. My parents are yet to discover the world of the information autobahn, sadly.)

Anyway, enjoy! Have a good and safe weekend!

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Why is the flying talking donkey no longer with us? Was he eating oil-based hay?

Just wanna know.

I guess he viewed the service he was providing (which I look at about twice a day...good stuff...) as being more easily done through furl/delicious...he has a great collection of podcasts/mp3s too. I hope he doesn't completely go dark...

I believe he just thought Furl was a more efficient way of collecting links that the blog - I don't think he's planning on giving up - just changed delivery mechanism...

Keep up the good work-love this blog.