Memorial Day weekend

Since this is the appropriate time of year, and despite the start in the decline of American oil stocks somewhat ahead of schedule (and all that this entails) I shall be climbing into my vehicle in an hour and heading out for a wedding over the weekend. This may be the last year we can do this with relatively little concern about cost.

Drive safely, conserve where you can, and have a Happy Memorial Day Weekend, I'll see you all next week.

And to keep amused you might want to visit the latest movie craze.

edited to add:

PG here. I, too, am on the road this weekend starting tomorrow. It will be slow blogging around here for a while!

It sounds like we will both return Tuesday. Until then, be safe, be smart, and wear sunscreen... :)

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Bye HO!

Me? I'm heading for a cold home brew, the garden plot, to fix some old VW's and catch a flick this weekend...

But I bet I check this site! LOL!

We're off to the Yamhill Winery Association's annual Memorial Day Weekend Open House, which besides a similar event over Thankgiving weekend is the only time the many small wineries open their gates for tastings, BBQs, and music. We also intend to visit several vineyards in Hood River. Fortunately the Prius has ample cargo space to hold our luggage and anticipated purchases, while using about 8 gallons of gas for the @450 mile roundtrip. I intend to make an effort to bring up the subject of Peak Oil and alternatives at all of our planned stops. And as always, watch out for the other guy!

:) and so it begins..... have a nice weekend ALL! And be ready for price hikes they are on the way.

Yeah, one thing about peak oil - we can live the dream without guilt, and deplete like crazy.

A self enforcing Kyoto is on the way, like it or not.

This is a great summer to travel somewhere you never been; maybe after next summer you'll never be able to go.

I just had a thought :) I remember hitchhiking used to be alot easier and in the future perhaps if you hold up a sign and offer to pay $$$ for the ride you might get just get one??!!

JD -

Don't know what I would do if I saw that sign - I am so used to thinking every roadside body is a scam on two legs. Houston taught me that, thanks.

I think if you go to your local university, you will see what is coming. Bulletin boards or message boards for people going places looking for someone else to cut the gas cost.

Wow!! Now there is a hugely sustainable website..... take my idea - anybody!