The Growth of Peak Oil Blogistan

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Check out this analysis from blogpulse.

In an earlier post, I talked about and demonstrated the pattern of convergence of the terms peak oil, Saudi oil, and opec in the blogosphere.

The other chart (linked above) demonstrated that peak oil is "driving" the conversation. This one shows that, while the amount of discussion of peak oil in the 'sphere is still surprisingly low (around .03% of the blogs), it has still grown quite a bit just in the last couple of months (from .0075% of the blogs around the beginning of March...and it was a steady random walk prior to that, it seems). The growth is really noticeable in April, isn't it? Interesting stuff.

It's not just because of TOD, mind you...there's a lot of good work going on out here in peak oil blogtopia.

In other words, keep it up, gang! It takes all of us to spread the word, and this graph shows that we're doing just that. Good job.

But, it also shows how far we have to go.

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Did anyone notice that Bin Laden's last statement encouraged terrorists to go after petroleum infrastructure?

Given that one person can shut down the trans alaska pipeline with a hunting rifle -- shouldn't the terror alert level be higher than "bert"? Not knowing much about it, it seems that pipelines are pretty hard to protect and that a lot of them (i.e. the ones leaving the Caspian region) are in areas in which Bin Laden might have a lot of friends.

It seems to me that when the demand line crosses the supply line and oil prices start spiking -- a few pipeline attacks would double the hysteria. It could have a lot bigger economic impact than 9-11.

bingo, my friend.

This is especially true when there's no elasticity in the oil supply to make up for a shutdown somewhere. Oil used to be able to be moved around from somewhere else, a luxury we have gotten used to.

Not with the advent of peak oil.

In other words, economies can be crippled easier and easier as time passes...meaning the terrorists get more and more pricing power over oil.

Here's a link to a post with a discussion and a few links in it on this
back a couple of weeks ago.

Give it a look.

Remember the statement that "no-one washes a rental car" - well we did once after driving up the Dawson Highway. That is the highway that runs parallel to the Alaska pipeline and we had gone up it (the rental agreement said we should not - so we had to wash the car to pretend we hadn't).

I stopped to take some pictures and we had a security car beside us in less than five minutes, asking us what we were doing. And this was in the last century.

There are parts of the world that are much different, but sometimes it is there but understated.

Look at the graph I produced. I compared the sessions of my website against oil prices during almost a year...