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You should go check out Mobjectivist's blog today. He's posted a wonderful reprint of an editorial on peak oil from 1976. Scary prescience...

Here's some blurbage from Mob and a couple of pghs of the article itself:

"This post includes a long "Peak Oil" editorial published in a popular fishing magazine from the 1970's called Fishing Facts. I think it took a lot of guts for the publisher, George Pazik, to write something with an edge to it that ostensibly catered to a rather conservative audience. This first grabbed my eye as a teenager and because of my tunnel-vision for outdoors activities at the time, I can't say whether other popular magazines featured such pessimistic outlooks. Pazik had written and continued to write strong editorials on conservation and environmental pollution after this editorial. However, this was a kind of crowning achievement, and authorities such as Al Bartlett from U. of Colorado reference this piece. Compared to what he did almost 30 years ago, today's current publishers and media midgets do absolutely shameful work.

Our Petroleum Predicament

A Special Editorial Feature by GEORGE PAZIK Editor & Publisher, Fishing Facts, November 1976


If you and I could get away on a fishing trip for a few days, we would probably talk about many things. Our talk would not just be confined to fishing; we would probably discuss many other things which concern us. Since there is no way I could go fishing with 200,000 people, I use these editorials each month as an opportunity to visit with you. I don't confine my editorials to fishing, either, but have always covered a number of subjects which concern us as fishermen and as fellow human beings.

This editorial is written in early September. It should reach you at just about the time of the third anniversary of the Arab Oil Embargo and, perhaps, just before the American presidential election. Although a recent poll shows that 55% of us don't believe there ever was an "Energy Crisis", all of us will have to admit that the Arab embargo changed the world."

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If, after reading this article, people still do not understand that our government and oil companies have colluded to delude in the past, and that they have the same reasons to do so today, then there is little anyone will be able to do except wait for the crisis.

While I never read this article (kudos to pg BTW), I have read most everything Hubbert ever did write. They are what convinced me that sustainable was where we had to go.

I watched "Kingdom Built on Oil" for about 20 minutes today on MSM - it was a complete snow job by MSM and ARAMCO. It was a rerun of what this article outlined as our history. We are repeating it again!

You cannot believe the USGS - they will lie. They are the "oil reserve experts" for our federal government. Government will lie is thus the obvious corollary.

Industry sources will lie, as their future is controlled by financial institutions. They operate on loans, of which ARAMCO is the biggest taker. Saudi CANNOT admit it is running out of oil - it is completely beholden to international banking to finance it's 95% indebtedness... and those banking officials cannot allow Peak Oil to become reality, or else they will become responsible for some really bad loans, to oil majors and contries alike. It would mean they loaned the money on oil that wasn't there, never will be there, and that they already had evidence that this was so.

IMHO, the only place the truth will actually be found is in our own history, which this article very succinctly iterates.

The debunking of Peak Oil has already started in the MSM - we are now headed for the crisis. It will only take time and business as usual. To me, it is already clear what path government and business MUST take in order to shore up and perpetuate the financial system, which is based on dollar hegemony in oil markets.

Somebody convince me I'm wrong? Please?

Sorry J - you're probably right.

The debunking has been going on for a long while in any case - do a google on "michael lynch" and "peak oil" - there are tens of thousands of hits...


I really think there is some merit to many things this guy says - the fact that ExxonMobil refused to commit to intense exploration efforts spoke volumes to me a week ago.

Never forget that oil companies are ALL ABOUT profit and share prices. Exec bonuses and stock options for employees are ALL ABOUT profit and share price.

It's not just one thing but a series of events derived from some historic and disastrous choices, from unsustainable business models and financial practices, that are humming right for us. It is an iceberg, and Peak Oil is just one little corner of the monster that is the most easily understood.

When one guy cries wolf, he's a crank. When there are literally HUNDREDS anticipating problems from MANY sectors, it is a chorus not to be ignored.