TOD's Been Around for One Month!

Well, it's been a month since HO and I started our little corner of the blogosphere or blogtopia or whatever the hell it's called this week.

We are thankful to you, our readership, for your continued support.

While peak oil (and all of its concomitant issue areas) is an important, pressing, and timely topic, I think if you would have told HO and I a month ago that we would be getting so many visitors a day talking about this stuff, we would have laughed at you vociferously.

So, thanks! Spread the word!

The summer months are going to be an interesting time, full of problems, full of opportunities to spread the word and for activism on this and related topics.

Sooner or later (we think anyway), this will be the topic of conversation that dominates the dinner tables of our country and planet. (Sure, there's a lot of things we could be doing right now. We could be calling our elected officials and telling them to look at Roscoe's talk on the floor of the House of Representatives last week. We could be asking them to raise gasoline taxes to curb consumption (or as HO puts it, "destroying demand"). We can and will make a difference, it's just a matter of when and how. My guess is that we will wait until it's really painful to solve this, but I have been wrong about a few things in life before).

If you have any suggestions for what else you'd like to see here at TOD, or some topics you would like to see explored, or just want to drop a note, the comment box is below.

Cheers to all. It's going to be an interesting ride.

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