News Round-up and Linkfest

I absolutely love Grist and The Gristmill (the Grist Blog). I just became aware of it over the last week or so, but it's pretty damned good. In fact, here's a story (hat tip: sustainablog) by praktike (of Liberals Against Terrorism). It's a piece on alliance/cooperative behavior, considered by many to be irrational (prisoner's dilemma, free riders, yadda yadda). Pretty interesting thought piece.

In a post not too long ago, we discussed an article that laid out the many actors involved in the journey of petroleum to the gas pump. But, um, now that oil's down to around $50/bbl, why isn't the price of gas at the pumps going down? This piece lays out why.

Here's an article from the Energy Blog (hat tip: flying talking donkey) that discusses ethanol. It's not just corn gas anymore! Can you say "sustainable?" I thought you could.

Here's a nice summary of the perspectives of "when" peak oil will arrive.

And then, here's some other articles of interest (hat tip to Matt Savinar), here, here, here, here, and here.

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The only problem with ethanol is that I suspect with an oil shortage we'll need that corn to eat, rather than make biofuel. That's my WAG, anyway.

That's a good point maybe we oughta take steps now while we have the freaking resources????

No, no. That makes too much sense.