Hey thanks for the insight! (or, the growing demand for oil from China and India...)

Reuters has a piece today that pretty much sums up what many in the peak oil community have been expressing worry about for months about China and India's burgeoning oil demand:

The money quotes: "Increased demand for oil in China and India is so large they have created a worrisome climate among the world's energy producers, the chief of Saudi Arabia's services company in the United States said on Monday.

"This is the big gorilla. The demand by China and India together, if they continue to grow, it is quite substantial and it is frightening," said Mazen I. Snobar, President and CEO of Aramco Services Co., which delivers Saudi oil to the United States.

All oil producing nations will have to chip in to meet the needs if demand in those two countries continues to rise, said Snobar, adding, "Let's hope they don't sustain this growth."

Of the United States, he said the country "cannot realistically expect to be energy independent. The forces that drive our industry are directly linked to the health of the economy here and worldwide, and we must have the stability to keep things in balance," he said."

Great, now it's the United States AND the Saudis on record as rooting against India and China's growth. Very helpful from a policy standpoint, folks. Why don't we work together through Kyoto and other international institutions to stem everyone's demand?

(Oh sorry, I think I fell asleep and started dreaming a bit there. No, that's not going to happen.)

Anyway, that's the point of peak oil, folks. We are not energy independent...and as we've seen over the past month, there's a limited supply of oil. We can't pump any more! In other words, whether we know it or not, we should figure oil into every policy decision we make.

(Sadly, the Bush administration interprets the oil need as a need to also attempt to control Iraq, Iran, Syria, or even Venezuela or Canada (remember, Venezuela and Canada are two of our top suppliers) if times get really tough...instead of implementing austerity measures and taxation to control the problem now...)

We are entering a period of competition for scarce resources. You can get ready, or you can get trampled on...

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Why don't we work together through Kyoto...?

These are pipedreams. India and China are not going to put the breaks on in order to let Americans drive SUVs. The response of the west will logically be to sabotage their demand or invade more supplies. Nobody is going to base their strategy on the compromise of other parties.

exactly right, Robin. I fear that India and China are going to care less and less about the well-being of US SUV drivers as they develop their own demand for the static or falling supply of crack, er, gasoline...