Canada's Government, Canada's oil?

Sadly, I am starting to read every freaking news item through the lens of peak oil...perhaps that's not such a bad thing in the long run?

edited to add: Canada is the biggest external supplier of energy to the United States. Canada's tar sand oil reserves are 2nd in size only to Saudia Arabia. So, with regard to peak oil, Canada matters folks...and that's why I am suggesting paying attention to their politics.

(And, also, because of NAFTA, Canada is required to share their oil with the U.S., even if Canadians faced a shortage. Read the NAFTA document will freak you out.)

I'm betting that very few of you in the 'sphere have heard much about the situation in Canada (mostly due to a "publication ban" (also known as, er, censorship))...but this things starting to heat up. We may have a new conservative minority government in Canada very soon...and that could be a big deal for our oil politics, as Canada is still tied for our largest helper with oil at 584 Mb/year. If you believe peak oil is imminent, this could be a big deal, in the short term at least.

Many in America see Canada as the epitome of parliamentary government...multiple parties (because of the nature of our system, we are predisposed to having only two parties) and a responsive/responsible party system. But this also means that a government can be thrown out quickly/whimsically with new elections at the drop of a hat. Canada just had elections a few weeks ago, and now, with a controversy, the Conservatives can call for a new election if there's enough scandal to create a lack of confidence in the Liberal minority government.

I don't know if this would change Canadaian exploration/exportation policy (most of their oil is concentrated in two provinces, if I am not mistaken), but it could make the atmosphere more friendly between the US and Canada in the short-term, increasing supply and keeping oil prices lower...again, that's for the short-term, the mindset so prevalent in politics.

Here's a money quote:

"Although exact details of the testimony cannot be revealed due to a publication ban, there are reports its disclosure would prove so devastating that Paul Martin's Liberal minority could fall if it became public."

Another money quote from Kate McMillan:

"The testimony at the ongoing Gomery Inquiry into the Sponsorship program, in which money was poured into Liberal friendly advertising agencies and possibly rerouted back to party coffers has reportedly heard "devastating testimony" over the past two days.

What it is, no one can say - the testimony is under a court ordered publication ban, on the premise that releasing it could prejudice other criminal trials. But it seems to be damning enough that both the governing Liberals and opposition parties are moving into high gear in preparation for the possible fall of the minority government."

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