Articles you can send to your friends without completely freaking them out...

Yeah, sending someone a link to a hard core primer on peak oil is kinda like leaving a bag of flaming dog poop on their doorstep and running away.

This article, however, is a pretty good introduction and summary of the idea, from a relatively non-alarmist perspective, from the Independent. (hat tip: LOBG)

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Hard core? The REAL hard core site is Jay Hanson's Discovering this site three years ago while searching for overpopulation information was like having a 10 ton weight drop on my head. Reality has never been the same since.

yeah, you're right about that.

Olduvai/dieoff are both just painful...even after you're exposed to the idea for a them is a mindscrew.

While it is tempting to hit people over the head with this stuff, many psychologically just "turn off" when you try that...and there goes your chance to tell them about what's going on...

so, I've been trying to keep track of these "softer" pieces...

Oh boy. I haven't read dieoff yet. I've been feeling complacent these days, so I'm going to check it out. Wish me luck.

in sum, Ianqui:

"...we currently have 4 billion more people on the earth than can be supported without modern oil based agriculture..."

"...because petroleum is in every stage of the food development process, when the cost gets prohibitive, there will be less food..."

"in the beginning, this will affect the charity of the first world to the third world...but after a while, it will affect the charity of the first world to itself..."

New Scientist has an article about CO2 and ozone combination if you wish to read more depressing research results...

I wrote this a long time ago, and it seems to resonate with most people. It doesn't directly address Peak Cheap Oil, but it does help those who have limited technical background understand what part oil plays in our lives:

Apparently you have to buy the article to see it now. But, not to worry, Energy Bulletin has a copy:

I sent a copy to the Green Part in NZ as well when they requested it - might be on their website..