Alternate Sources of Energy

I was trying, in response to the earlier comment, to find a reference to the biodiesel plant announcement this week, when I tried the NYT and found that tabletop nuclear fusion may have happened.

While that development will not likely have any critical impact on fuel supplies in my lifetime it is reassuring that progress continues to be made, and studies are having some result.

In regard to the biodiesel issue, this was on the agenda for comment, since, apart from the Missouri plant plans, there is also some movement in the UK toward installing a plant. There however they plan on using an African plant as the source material, rather than the rape seed which is quite common in the UK. (It is the yellow flower you see covering a lot of fields there at this time of year). Supplies, however, are, in the short term, likely to be quite small. But as with a lot of things, a little here and a little there all adds up.

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This technology was recently discussed on slashdot - you might enjoy reading through the thread there.

From what I understand, this technology is not intended to solve any energy issues, but is remarkable from the perpective that they have essentially miniturised a particle accelerator.

There are some interesting free energy technologies around that seem to be largely ignored unfortunately.