Wow. The NYT Op-Ed Page is almost paying more attention to Peak Oil than Al-Jazeera...

Some pieces to read today...I just about choked on my coffee this morning when I opened up the NYT. There's three editorials on oil consumption, alternative energy and the like, etc., etc. Maybe the MSM is waking up and smelling the, er, coffee...

Here's the links: Kenneth Deffeyes, Thomas Homer-Dixon and Julio Friedmann, and finally Oliver Sacks.

I'll post an update on this later...they're interesting. But, of course, I have to run to incessant faculty meetings on a potential hire (on Good Friday??!! yeah, I know), but wanted to post these before I went.

Update: found another good blurb/article out this week over at sustainablog (I'll just quote him here):

"Are recent economic activities of the big oil companies telling us that "peak oil" is just around the corner? Professor Michael T. Klare thinks so, and outlines his argument in a fascinating Mother Jones article.

Unlike some other peak oil thinkers, Klare sees potential in conservation and development of renewable capacity. These things certainly can't hurt, regardless of the time frame..."

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Thanks for the link -- I'll mention your project here on sustainablog.