Who are these guys? and why are they doing this?

Who are we?

Prof. Goose professes on the tenure track in the social sciences. PG's been reading about peak oil like there's no tomorrow (*cough*)...he tends to be the one to integrate peak oil with many areas of ideas like politics, psychology, and the like.

Heading Out is a senior faculty member in one of the energy production disciplines, and has been following the Peak Oil notion since the last crisis back in the 1970's. HO is obviously the technical/production wizard of the place.

Both PG and HO had been blogging the topic quite a bit in their respective venues until one day, it was decided that a greater effort could be accomplished together, and with HO's idea to name it The Oil Drum, we were on our way.

Then not too much later came Ianqui and Super G. Ianqui is an assistant professor in the social sciences at a university in the north east. Ianqui tends to hit the sustainable development and green angles a little more than the others, but she takes on most available topics with quite a bit of verve. Super G is also a researcher in the sciences in the north east. SG's been great with the technical end of the site, but he graces us with a post now and again as well.

What do we believe?

We all see the petroleum economy as the fundamental lynchpin of our present democratic society. As cheap oil/energy/gas quietly fades into history, lives around the world will indeed change.

This real and tangible crisis of supply and demand is now inevitable. Whether the coming crisis arrives in six months or in four years, whether the crisis arrives in a slow, secular fashion or as a cataclysmic "shock," our purpose is the same: we are here to raise awareness of the reality of the current problem and to attempt to address the real issues that are often hidden by political pandering.

We are here to talk about ideas. We're all learning here about ourselves and from each other. No perspective will be punished as long as evidence and logic are present. We want to bring brain power to bear on all of these issues; we may not come up with a solution...but we can at least say we tried.

What can be expected to happen as this crisis develops and unfolds? Stick around, because that's the kind of stuff that we're going to talk about.